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Grail Pieces – Alex

All of us interested in watches have the pieces that we really want. So, allow me to share with you my grail pieces that I would love to eventually add to my collection. 1.Cartier Tank This watch is iconic. No two ways about it. This watch is instantly recognisable by everyone, a watch worn by... Continue Reading →

Enicar Seapeal Ultrasonic – Affordable Vintage with heritage.

Enicar Seapeal Ultrastonic Seasoned watch collectors need no introduction to the likes of the Rolex Explorers, Submariners or Omega Speedmasters and Monacos. All these watches have decorated and venerated pasts... demonstrated in their prices being anywhere from £4000- to the tens of thousands of pounds. However, a rich history is not only reserved to the... Continue Reading →

Seiko Presage “Cocktail Time”

Seiko, often a brand overlooked and shamefully so. In my opinion they are yet to reach the notoriety of Swiss watch-making, viewed as nothing more than the ugly step-child. Perhaps, as a side affect to it bringing watch-making to its knees during the quartz-crisis. As a brand, they're often perceived as a cheaper alternative to... Continue Reading →

Breitling Navitimer World 1 GMT 46

Breitling Navitimer World GMT 46 (Ref. A24322) "Silver Dial" Iconic. Often an adjective bandied around without much meaning. However, in regards to this watch, it is truly necessary. The Rolex Submariner. The Omega Speedmaster and this Breitling Navtimer. The pilot's watch. Nothing else truly matches this iconic watch, the Navitimer's unique layout leaves it without... Continue Reading →

Vintage Raymond Weil Tank: ETA 2512-1

The Cartier Tank. An iconic dress watch born from WWI and the mind of Louis Cartier. The Tank watch has blasted through its history becoming an iconic watch worn by everyone from Mohammed Ali to Jackie Kennedy. Unfortunately, we dont all have several thousands of pounds to spend on a Cartier Tank. But still have... Continue Reading →

Patek Phillippe Grand Complication White Gold.

Patek Phillippe was founded on the 1st May 1839 in Geneva Switzerland, with the first "Grand Complication" being offered in 1910, ever since that date Patek Phillippe has been kicking up a horological storm with their Grand Complications. Each of them being hand-crafted masterpieces. Patek Phillippe. One of the Holy Trinity of fine swiss making... Continue Reading →


Omega has always been one of my favorite watch manufactures, and certainly my favorite member of the swatch group. The effortless class of their design, to me their Globemaster range epitomises elegance and class. I will never forget seeing the Seamaster on the wrist of Bond and just knowing intrinsically - that I needed that... Continue Reading →

Breitling Superocean Steelfish Review

So you want a watch that will most probably survive a nuclear apocolypse? Well look no further than this Breitling Superocean Steelfish weighing in at a hefty 1/4KG and waterproofing to a staggering 2000 Meters. Surely such a watch must be some hulking behemoth that would swallow your wrist whole and look as though you... Continue Reading →

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