Omega has always been one of my favorite watch manufactures, and certainly my favorite member of the swatch group. The effortless class of their design, to me their Globemaster range epitomises elegance and class.

I will never forget seeing the Seamaster on the wrist of Bond and just knowing intrinsically – that I needed that watch, and Omegas brand placement has repeatedly had that affect on me, some may argue that marketing doesn’t belong in the horological world. I would wholeheartedly disagree – Patek`s marketing campaign – “You never actually own a Patek Philippe …” completely changed the way the watch world looked at marketing, in my opinion Omega have managed to build upon this.

Patek`s legendary advertising campaign.

The Speedmaster has always been a grail watch of mine, certainly one of the most iconic and recognisable watches out there and for very good reason. Its space going heritage attracts many buyers, rather understandably, some may argue its space faring ventures have been exaggerated – I think its possible however that other brands have rather unforgivably just not capitalised on this anywhere near as much as they could have, for example Fortis its B-42 also went to the moon, the Casio G-Shock has often accompanied astronauts into space as well – however I doubt these watches spring to mind when the words “space watch” are uttered. Luckily brands such as Fortis are beginning to recognise what they were missing out on, and Omegas excellent marketing has continued to draw people into the world of horology and I’m sure that anyone in this community would agree that is an amazing thing for a brand to be doing. The Speedmasters` suave charm is one that I’m sure will continue to attract buyers for generations, it is certainly a timeless piece in my eyes; the way in which it’s able to be part of the world of astrological exploration and the high-energy racing world almost seems unachievable in theory but somehow Omega have done it.

Omega Speedmaster
Ref :311.
(Photo Creds : Omega)

Fairly recently Omega released its Tourbillion, a feat very much reserved for the higher echelons of watch brands, in my opinion the production of a Tourbillion is a right of passage for a successful luxury watch brand, an aptitude test (not that Omega have ever required an aptitude test). For me the Omega Tourbillion is a truly beautiful piece of watch in the form of a timepiece – unfortunately for me it carries a price-tag to match.

An eye catching face – with the exposed Tourbillion really drawing attention towards it.

As I mentioned Omega`s new Globemaster range earlier I think they deserve to be expanded upon, it is likely if you are reading this article that you have heard of COSC certification, this is the extensive test that watches have to pass if they want to be etched with the words “Certified Chronometer” this process is a long and arduous one, Omega felt it could do better so it has developed a new test, a more stringent and exclusive one, one in which a watch could be labelled a “Master Chronometer” this is the highest official industry standard of precision.

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