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Vintage Tag Heuer Professional 2000 “Moon-dust” dial

This Tag Heuer is truly something special… well at least to me. At 30 Years of age, it is significantly older than me, dated from around the 1990’s and was a gift from my Dad when I turned 16. It was my first “proper” watch being “Swiss Made” a marked sign of quality.

The dial is the real star of the show with a rare “Moon dust” face that is made up of blue and gold specs and gold Mercedes style hands, in the centre of which proudly sits the name “Tag Heuer” in a rarer gold paint compared to the most common red, white and green rendition. It truly is something exquisite. This dial is flanked by the bezel of steely blue colour atop which gold painted numbers sit gently worn by years of faithful service. The diameter of the case is 33mm. Positively microscopic. Some of you might even gasp at this size too used to your 40mm+ minimum plus size watches. Others will be shocked to discover this was a dive watch!

I say nonsense! This size to me is what makes this watch so special and unique. It’s small size, Jubilee bracelet and slender case width adds an almost “refined” elegance to this watch. Transforming it from something typically “tooly” to dare I say almost dressy.

This watch whilst not horologically significant in any regards, I mean some may even be aghast by the mere mention of Quartz, to me this watch transcends all of that. To me it’s my first proper Swiss Made watch gifted to me by my Dad, starting me on this journey developing a love and passion for watches.


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