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Patek Phillippe Grand Complication White Gold.

Patek Phillippe was founded on the 1st May 1839 in Geneva Switzerland, with the first “Grand Complication” being offered in 1910, ever since that date Patek Phillippe has been kicking up a horological storm with their Grand Complications. Each of them being hand-crafted masterpieces.

Patek Phillippe. One of the Holy Trinity of fine swiss making alongside Audemars Piguet and Vacheron Constantin. These are more than mere watches, to me they’re truly are works of art to behold. This particular one I will be reviewing today will be part of the venerated “Grand Complication” line of Pateks specifically the Perpetual Calender Model.

Moving on to the masterpiece at hand. This specific Patek is the Ref. 5139G-010. A horological heavyweight. It’s powered by the beautiful in-house Patek Phillippe Calibre 240 Q.

Patek Phillippe Calibre 240 Q.

This beautiful movement is what truly seperates a Patek from the rest. Crafted entirely by hand every detail has been considered by Masters of Horology. This 240Q containes a staggering 161 Parts, 27 Jewels and has a power reserved of 48 Hrs completed with a 22kt gold mini-rotor which allows you to truly bask in the beauty of the movement. Finishing of this movement is beyond reproach, the mini-rotor has been engraved with the Patek logo and the entire movement, edges are hand-beveled cut in the French style of “anglage” and the  Côtes de Genève – (Geneva stripes) – are added to give the movement a 3D effect. Everything is hand-finished with the Artisans even crafting their own tools to truly add personality to each watch!

Patek Phillippe Grand Complication

Its case is made from 18kt White Gold and comes in at a perfect 38mm; it simply is sublime and it features that unmistakeable Patek Hobnail Bezel with a scratch resistant sapphire. Moving on to the watch face we see a black laquered dial with white gold hands and battons and the sub-dials for the perpetual calender allowing you to see the day, date and month.

The watch is beautifully balanced with the three dials acting as a frame proudly displaying “Patek Phillippe Geneve”. The stark contrast of the laquer black and white gold accents creating stunning definition for one to marvel at is only occassionally broken by that slith of blue and white that peaks from the moon-phase dial.

If you could only truly have one dress watch and you could afford it with the staggering price tag of £67,000, I believe that you could not falter with this perfect Patek and believe fully in the old Patek adage – “You never truly own a Patek. You simply look after it for the next generation” .


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