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Enicar Seapeal Ultrasonic – Affordable Vintage with heritage.

Enicar Seapeal Ultrastonic

Seasoned watch collectors need no introduction to the likes of the Rolex Explorers, Submariners or Omega Speedmasters and Monacos. All these watches have decorated and venerated pasts… demonstrated in their prices being anywhere from £4000- to the tens of thousands of pounds.

However, a rich history is not only reserved to the the big brands; smaller brands too, even those lost to time, can have a rich history. A prime example of this is one of the lesser known Swiss brands – Enicar.

May 23rd/24th 1956. Albert Eggler led a Swiss expedition to climb Mt. Everest, on all their wrists was a version of this Enicar Seapearl. The climb was a success and Enicar leaped at this, eventually branding subsequent ones “Sherpa”.

The Eggler expedition is definitely a feather in the cap of this Enicar, but allow us to add another. The Seapearl in 1958 was considered by the US Nacy’s experimental diving unit, here it was pitted against the Rolex Submariner Ref. 6538 and the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Milspec 1 divers… now here you may believe that against such Titans it would fail…. however, surprisingly no! The Enicar was the most popular amongst Navy divers.

If, you dont believe us allow us to show you concrete proof the 1959 Navy “Evaluation Report 1-59”

US Naval Evaluation 1959

According to this report the Enicar performed quite satisfactory comparitively to the Rolex or Blancpain. In fact (Rolex fans brace yourselves) the Rolex crystal fogged from water intrusion and was deemed to be insufficiently watertight!

So now we’ve discussed the history of this piece let us get down to brass tax and talk about the watch itself.

Examples of Enicar Seapeals avaliable on Ebay

The dial of this watch is simply sublime, coming in at a diminutive 32mm, it’s champagne in colour and catches the light beautifully, it is completed with Dauphene style hands which cut across the dial making it highly legible.It features the 17 Jewel Swiss-Made incabloc and the case is stainless steel. The feel of this watch is something that is in my opinion “dressy” with that hint of utility through the stainless steel case and minimalist dial.

Overall, if you’re looking for a rich heritage and interesting history then please look no further than Enicar – they can be found on Ebay for a steal, ranging from the hundreds to the thousands of pounds. All you have to do is pick yours.


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