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Seiko Presage “Cocktail Time”

Seiko, often a brand overlooked and shamefully so. In my opinion they are yet to reach the notoriety of Swiss watch-making, viewed as nothing more than the ugly step-child. Perhaps, as a side affect to it bringing watch-making to its knees during the quartz-crisis.

As a brand, they’re often perceived as a cheaper alternative to traditional watch-making, something to look down you nose at and as something not quite as good as their swiss made bretheren. Something that is relegated to the lower echelons of watch-collecting.

Well allow us to dispel this myth and to properly place Seiko amongst their rightful place equal to swiss watch-making. Allow us to introduce this beauty.

Seiko Presage “Cocktail Time”

This truly is a work of art. Equal to Swiss Watches if not indeed surpassing them. The beautiful sunburst dial is sublimally radiant catching the light and reflecting upon the lucky wearer a myriad of colours and shades all singularly radiating from that dial. The beauty continues with the Sword style hands which cut across the dial, producing a sharp reference to the time for the wearer. The second hand is almost “Rapier” shaped with a delicate counter-balance that adds brevity to the face design. Across the top the watch is proudly emblazened “Seiko” worn like a badge of honour, demonstrative of the fact that Seiko now wants to be perceived as one of The watch-makers.

And this surely is by no means a bad way to announce it. This perfectly encapsulates a quintessential dress-watch coming in at 38mm with a slender profile and whilst catching still understated dial. Paired with this leather strap it would give even a well made Swiss watch such as an Omega Deville a run for its money.

The beauty doesn’t end here. It continues to the exquisite movement shown via the exhibition case back.

This movement is the beautiful in house calibre – yes IN HOUSE. How many Swiss made brands can boast that? It is a beautiful 23 Jewel movement built to perfection, a true work-horse that should endure years if not decades of use. The movement, is also dressed beautifully with the Rotar even being partially skeletonised both to reduce weight and to also expose more of the movement. Whilst not at Grand Seiko level yet. It still would give the swiss movements something to write home about……

After all this praise. One question must surely be racing round our readers heads and that is, well how much does it cost? £1000?, £500?. No, not even close we’re talking sub £400 here! Clocking in at a highly competitive and Swiss squashing price of £329!

So, dear reader if you’re on the hunt for a dress watch with the best bang for the buck, then please look no further than this positively radiant Seiko Presage “Cocktail Time” with the RRP being just north of £300, it truly offers incredible value for money.


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