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Vintage Raymond Weil Tank: ETA 2512-1

The Cartier Tank. An iconic dress watch born from WWI and the mind of Louis Cartier. The Tank watch has blasted through its history becoming an iconic watch worn by everyone from Mohammed Ali to Jackie Kennedy.

Unfortunately, we dont all have several thousands of pounds to spend on a Cartier Tank. But still have that Tank itch to scrach. This is where this Tank comes in…. Aquired from Ebay for under £100. But is it all I hope it to be?

Vintage Raymond Weil Tank: ETA 2512-1

Well absolutely yes! This vintage tank has all the appeal of the Cartier with those Catherdral hands, roman numerals, gold case and a lightly patinaed dial. It even has a little blue cabachon on the crown. Regarding the size of the case it is 20mm x 25mm. Some may argue that is positively microscopic and perhaps even a ladies watch. Whilst yes these measurements are tiny especially compared to my 42/44mm SuperOcean it gives this watch whilst understated a dressy apprearance allowing it to slip effortlessly under a shirt cuff. This size along with its sleekness makes it the perfect companion to more formal looks whether that be a Suit or Evening Wear – We might soon do a lookbook.

It is powered by the hand-wound ETA 2512-1, a robust movement created during the height of the quartz crisis as staunch opposition to the battery driven craze. It has a fairly impressive 40hr power reserve and runs at only +5/6 Seconds a day. A Swiss made manual wind watch with tank styling and from a family owned brand… All for under £100. Unbeatable.

This watch whilst small certainly packs a punch and fills my Cartier Tank shaped hole – At the moment at least. It fills its role perfectly of a Dress Watch. Its slender profile and minute case gives it class and substance – I couldn’t well wear my Superocean with a Tux now could I?


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