Breitling Superocean Steelfish Review


So you want a watch that will most probably survive a nuclear apocolypse? Well look no further than this Breitling Superocean Steelfish weighing in at a hefty 1/4KG and waterproofing to a staggering 2000 Meters. Surely such a watch must be some hulking behemoth that would swallow your wrist whole and look as though you had strapped a dinner plate to your wrist.

Not at all with the Breitling Superocean Steelfish (Ref. A17390). If anything, this watch is a thing of beauty. whilst it is undeniably a large watch it is still surprisingly elegant and pretty. My favourite example of this is the dial. Most Breitling dials are fairly imaginative but the Steelfish’s dial is definitely something special – I am yet to find anything that looks quite like it.

The dial and print are first rate. The beautiful guilloche dial adds almost a refined elegance to the watch… well, as refined as anything can be weighing a 1/4 of a KG.

The bracelet of the watch is the Breitling Professional I bracelet, coming with polished middle links. The Pro I is a nice and heavily comfortable bracelet almost like a chunky jubilee…. But sadly I don’t think polished links belong on a hard-code dive watch capable of going down to 2000M/

The old Pro I bracelet – A very fine bracelet but perhaps too refined for a hardcore diver
The newer pro 2 bracelet – In my opinion the all brushed slanted links look more suited to the watch

A special feature of this watch as mentioned previously is the Helium Escape Valve (HEV) on the side.

The HEV is a water-safe way to release pressure without allowing moisture inside to damage the mechanism. It’s a one-way valve that’s spring loaded to respond at a specific level of pressure. The process is entirely automated and once the watch reaches the designated pressure the valve releases the gases that have become trapped.

You can see the HEV pictured on the side its the small indented circle

The base movement is the standard ETA 2824-2. which has been modified by Breitling and dubbed the “Breitling Caliber 17”. It has a 42Hr power reserve and is meant to be one of the most robust mechanical movements made.

Here you can see the modified Breitling Caliber 17 (Photo courtesy of Breitling)

Hopefully, now you may be wanting one yourself. Sadly however my watch (A17390) was discontinued back in 2012. Newer SuperOcean’s are nice but still dont captivate me like this older one does. Partially I believe it is because I finder the newer dials “boring” comparitively.

Overall, this a fabulous watch that offers a killer dial and performance for a decent price, approx £2000-3000. With a clearly legible dial, 2000M waterproofing and a robust and accurate movement is there much more you could want?

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