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Loake Fearnley: Burgundy

Loake “Fearnley”Review

Design and Style – 83

Quality and Durability – 85

Comfort and Fit – 85

Like many of you before me and perhaps even still, I used to buy those terrible £75 dress shoes from the highstreet and used to think it was pure madness for anyone to spend over that on a pair of shoes. That was until I finally decided to buy these.

These Loake Fearnley’s are a traditional pair of Oxford Brogues with a good-year welted sole, natural edge finishing and a high quality calf-leather upper all in a attractive, stylish and versatile colour – Oxblood. If you’re looking for a pair of versatile and high quality pair of brogues then these should most definitely be top of your list.

As mentioned before these Loake’s are a classic Oxford Laced Dress Shoe, perfect for matching everything from jeans to a suit due to their Brogue punching which makes them appear formal whilst also casual enough for jeans. These are a truly beautiful pair of shoes thanks to the gorgeous burnished Burgundy colour and they’re extremely comfortable too thanks to the premium leather-lined sole meaning your feet feel as though they’re walking on clouds

The quality on these loake shoes are beyond reproach and befitting of a premium brand such as Loake. Aided by a solid construction – (GoodYear Welting) and solid materials – (Calf Leather uppers) these shoes a truly a tank and feel substantial and sturdy. I truly believe that these will last years to come.

To make sure these shoes last as long as possible I also put a pair of Seeadler Premium Red Cedar shoe trees .

Arguably the most important part of shoes. How do they feel and fit? Well like you would expect. Amazingly. They took about a week to break in and fit like a hand in glove. These shoes whilst being sturdy are still light and supremely comfortable. When buying these shoes though please bear in mind that they are shaped in the Claridge Last – (F) meaning that they are a medium fitting and therefore if you have flat and wide feet its best to order them a size up.

These shoes are nothing like your standard cheap highstreet brogue. They’re built to last, timelessly stylish and definitely worth the price.



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